HOMAGE – Trial Pack 4 Bottles


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Interested in our Kombucha’s but not sure about which flavor to go for? This 4 Bottles Trial Pack Combo of HOMAGE range of Kombucha’s is the perfect choice for you. Our Fusion Kombucha’s are made from 100% Natural Fruit and Nuts without any artificial weird stuff. Just order and satisfy your taste buds with the drink from earthy natural elements.


Ready to Drink or Combine Our Kombucha with Any Juice, Cider, Honey, Herb and Spirits as a mixer to provide healthy touch to your drink and delight taste buds.
Storage & Safety:

  • Maintain Bottles in upright position in Refrigerator (4-8° C) as soon as you received
  • Strictly, DO NOT SHAKE bottle. Natural carbonation could result in overflow the drink or bursting of the bottle. For sediment to mix, gently tilt the bottle up and down
  • Floating are the strains of the good bacteria; you should have those for healthy digestion, if not strain it out
  • Taste, Color, CFU Count may vary in every batch because its Natural & Active
  • Natural fermentation may have traces amount of (0.5%) of alcohol
  • Pregnant, Lactating Women and Child below 5 years or Anyone with Critical Medical Condition may check with Medical Practitioner before consumption.


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