We firmly believe in this initiative and would like to do our best towards betterment of our environment and society.

  • Reduce Carbon Footprint
    We packed in Food Grade Glass Bottles which are 100% recyclable. We try our best to recycle most of the glass bottles in return for some rebate and used those for refilling and relabelling to reduce carbon footprint. Moreover, we have collaborated with few recyclers and candle makers who recycled and make a good use of broken glasses for decorative items. If you really do not know where to recycle those bottles, you can bring to us and we will do it for you.
  • Save Water ‐ How to be more Water Efficient?
    We make water-based beverages and water consumption supports our lives and using it smartly plays an important role in conserving that resource. To minimise our consumption, we reduce the amount of mess we make and cut the amount of water needed to clean up, without compromising highest hygiene, cleaning, quality standards. We determine the most efficient amount of chemical or right type of chemicals to cut the amount of water needed in cleaning. We have implemented Nozzles to control pressure of water in our facility to lessen usage. Besides this, waste water with any form of good bacteria, yeast and culture, we utilise to make natural compost.
  • Compost
    100% of food waste at our facility (e.g. Tea leaves, Fruits and Vegetables) is getting compost with culture water to form best Organic Natural compost for plantation.