Simply Means
‘Life in Our Gut!’

Hippocrates, The Great Greek Physicist Believed, That Human Health Gets Affected by And Only Environmental Factors, Diet and Living Habits. And Major Role Is Played by Our Gut Good Probiotic Bacteria’s in A Well Being of Our Metabolism and Overall Health.
Hence, Gut Essentials Food and Beverage LLP Is Been Set Up on Belief to Serve the Best Probiotic and Superfoods to Our People.
We At ‘GutLife® Superfoods’ as An Indigenous Brand, Believes in The Homogenous Solutions and Would Like to Help & Guide People from Unhealthy, Non-Nutritious Food Stuffs and Provide and Offer Them Healthy, Nutritious and Tasty Products Which Are Made with Selected Finest Natural Ingredients and Processed with Modern Technology in Highest Hygienic and Safety Conditions to Maintain Its Naturalness & Health.

To begin with, We Have Range of Yummy and Delightful Flavors Of Kombucha To Offer, Like,
HARMONY – CLASSIC – (Original), CITRUS – (Lemon Lime & Orange Tulsi), HERBAL – (Lemongrass, Mint&Basil Fennel), FRUITY – (Pineapple Delight, Mango Turmeric, Strawberry Rose&Lychee Peach), SPICY – (Ginger&Spice It Up) and some more in HOMAGE – (Nutty Affair, Kiwi Amla, Pomegranate Tamarind, Watermelon Chat).

Our Team

Sushil Pokharkar


Sushil has Diversified experience in various industries like, Hospitality, Retail, Logistics, and FMCG. He has played important roles in several companies domestically and overseas from executive to management. When he was going through a phase of bad gut health, he came across Kombucha, and having it for some time has changed his approach at looking at it. While researching more on the product he realized that many people are going through the same pain of bad gut health. Hence, he decided to launched the startup and passed the benefits of Kombucha, Probiotics, and Superfoods to every needy.
By the way, he is a Hotel Management Graduate from Pune University and MBA alumni of JCU, Singapore. He holds an Award in Food Safety and Hygiene in Hospitality and Catering from Chartered Institute of Environmental Health, London, United Kingdom.

Ashlesha Rahane


Ashlesha is an IT professional with deep inside knowledge of the domain. She is MCA passed out and has enthusiasm for new techniques and development. Her passion for such active products that benefit society, keeps her engage in every detail of design, development to execution. She is a powerhouse and backbone of the business and a caring and loving mom to a 2-year kid.

Our Promise

Use of All-Natural Elements While Making All the Products

Betterment of Our Gut Health & Healing Through the Products That Directly Impact

Guarantee to Incorporate Selected Finest Natural Ingredients During Processing

Undoubtedly Anything We Create Without Any Chemical or Weird Artificial Stuff

Assurance to Carry Lowest Sugar in Our Products

Proactive in Fulfilling Commitments Towards Environment & Society

Making Sure to Nourish &Heal You Inside Out When You Consumed What We Offer Regularly

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I have tried various brands of Kombucha, perhaps could not be able to find them to my liking. When I found GutLife®, I understand that Kombucha can be both good for you and taste good. Moreover, GutLife® is the only Kombucha in the market, made with pure and natural ingredients which also maintains all health benefits of fermentation and its enzymes. I regularly recommend this product to my patients as a refreshing drink and alternative to their artificial beverages that harm their Gut than healing.

Dr. Atul Patil, MS Surgeon, PCMC

GutLife® is undoubtedly the best Kombucha I have tasted. The fermentation process, all-natural flavor development, and overall quality are top-notch. The world we live in today needs such products to replenish a healthy gut microbiome. The Gut is crucial to the finest health and GutLife® is my go-to Kombucha product.

Dr. Lalit Nale, Kothrud, Pune

Kombucha is a great functional product for boosting immunity, improving indigestion, weight loss, and detox. There are so many benefits to the drink than I can count and GutLife® Kombucha is the best quality and natural flavoured one, especially Basil Fennel and Nutty Affair!

Perizaad Dalal, Delhi NCR

I was desperate to get something for my bloating, diarrhea and my doctor put me on antibiotics for a while. When it didn’t get a fix, he offered me Probiotics in the form of Kombucha. To cut it short! I am no longer having stomach growls or flatulence. Thank you to GutLife® Kombucha.

Hriday Patwardhan, Pune

I feel more energetic and that to not from coffee, its cleaner and happy feeling difficult to express in words. I like it for the probiotic effect. Many probiotics are Dairy-based. I cannot bear dairy hence this is the best alternative for me.

Anagha Sinha, Mumbai

I should tell you that I am convinced about Kombucha tea. I was tired most of the time, especially in the evenings. Once I starting consuming Kombucha regularly, that’s all changed, I have a lot more energy now. It’s amazing stuff for your health.

Swaminathan M.V, Bangaluru

I’m most passionate about Kombucha, as my digestion has returned to normal when I consumed it regularly. I hoped I should have found this earlier.

Moiz Batliwala, Hyderabad

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