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Do You Know We Are Surrounded by Sugary, Carbonated, Artificial and Unhealthy Beverages Which Are Doing More Harm to Our Body Than We Imagine? We Have Been Misled to Just Look at Taste and Appearance of The Products, Whereas, Focus Should Be Health, Nutrition and Healing.
We at GutLife Superfoods, Just Do That, We Focus on Health, Nutrition and Healing, Without Compromising on Taste and Appearance of Our Drink, Kombucha!
Kombucha Is Fermented, Probiotic, Healthy, Non-Alcoholic, Tea Beverage Which Has Ancient East Asian Roots and Well Known as Health Elixir, Due to Its Healthy Properties and Healing Benefits. Our Kombucha’s Are Brewed with Natural Teas and All-Natural Highest Quality Ingredients to Fulfil Your Nutritional Requirements with Strictly NO to Any Artificial Weird Stuff.
It is Loaded with Live Probiotics to Helps in Digestion, Antioxidants to Strengthen Immune System, Healthy Enzymes and Vitamins to Boosts Energy, Gluconic Acid Supports in Detoxification, Acetic Acid and Polyphenols Assist in Weight Reduction, Glucosamine Reduces Joints Friction and Glucaric Acid May Help in Preventing Cancer. There Are So More Good Things to This Drink Than We Can Imagine. Don’t Wait, Take A Step Towards Digestive Health!

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I have tried various brands of Kombucha, perhaps could not be able to find them to my liking. When I found GutLife®, I understand that Kombucha can be both good for you and taste good. Moreover, GutLife® is the only Kombucha in the market, made with pure and natural ingredients which also maintains all health benefits of fermentation and its enzymes. I regularly recommend this product to my patients as a refreshing drink and alternative to their artificial beverages that harm their Gut than healing.

Dr. Atul Patil, MS Surgeon, PCMC

GutLife® is undoubtedly the best Kombucha I have tasted. The fermentation process, all-natural flavor development, and overall quality are top-notch. The world we live in today needs such products to replenish a healthy gut microbiome. The Gut is crucial to the finest health and GutLife® is my go-to Kombucha product.

Dr. Lalit Nale, Kothrud, Pune

Kombucha is a great functional product for boosting immunity, improving indigestion, weight loss, and detox. There are so many benefits to the drink than I can count and GutLife® Kombucha is the best quality and natural flavoured one, especially Basil Fennel and Nutty Affair!

Perizaad Dalal, Delhi NCR

I was desperate to get something for my bloating, diarrhea and my doctor put me on antibiotics for a while. When it didn’t get a fix, he offered me Probiotics in the form of Kombucha. To cut it short! I am no longer having stomach growls or flatulence. Thank you to GutLife® Kombucha.

Hriday Patwardhan, Pune

I feel more energetic and that to not from coffee, its cleaner and happy feeling difficult to express in words. I like it for the probiotic effect. Many probiotics are Dairy-based. I cannot bear dairy hence this is the best alternative for me.

Anagha Sinha, Mumbai

I should tell you that I am convinced about Kombucha tea. I was tired most of the time, especially in the evenings. Once I starting consuming Kombucha regularly, that’s all changed, I have a lot more energy now. It’s amazing stuff for your health.

Swaminathan M.V, Bangaluru

I’m most passionate about Kombucha, as my digestion has returned to normal when I consumed it regularly. I hoped I should have found this earlier.

Moiz Batliwala, Hyderabad